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How Much Will Your Boat Rental Cost?

When you rent one of our kayaks, canoes or stand up paddleboards, you don't just get the boat, you know. You'll get life jackets, paddles and cushions (yes cushions!) along with some safety basics. This last part is really important so you can play nicely (and safely) and get the most out of your time on the water.

We work on a 1 hour minimum, but if you're having so much fun you don't want to come in, then you can rent in 15 minute blocks (charged pro-rata when you come into shore).

If you want a boat for the whole day, so you can come out and go in whenever you please, we charge just 4 hours. It's a bargain!

Rental Prices
BoatSuitable forPrice
Single Kayak 1 adult & 1 small child $15/hr
Double Kayak 2 adults & 1 small child $20/hr
Canoes Up to 3 people $25/hr
Stand Up Paddle Boards All ages $20/hr

Want to make your check-in process faster? Download a waiver to fill out ahead of time!

Kayak Storage

We have 120 spaces for kayaks, stand up paddle boards or canoes for on-site, outdoor storage. These space are billed at $50 a month and are first come first serve. Please email us to see if any spots are available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who talks about giving kayaking a go, but have never got around to it?

Or loves the idea of dabbling around in boats, but doesn't know their aft from their anchor?

A Key Bridge Boathouse Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for someone who's been putting off starting their next hobby. And trust us, boating will soon become their favorite hobby!!

Ask us about making up a gift certificate. It's all nicely printed and laminated and it's the perfect gift.

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